Monday, February 6, 2012

If only for a was mine.

Are you sick of me saying how sweet my husband is? Turn away now if you are, he surprised  me with a new IPhone this week so I am feeling all kinds of gooey about him.

Never fear this is not a post of my undying love for the worlds sweetest, strongest, best ever man. It is about the fact that the the other man in my life has taken over my gift. So now I have to hide it!


Biting his lip, his little chubby fingers working's all just so sweet. Plus he is really great at his letter game. Not just saying that because I know how he will grow up and cure all cancers or anything, he really is really great at letter recognition.


  1. The last one is my favorite...I love his left hand...chubby little fingers... so sweet!

  2. haha love the pictures! Yay for I-phones! I am getting one in April. I have no doubt my little gal will try to grab it from me constantly. Can't wait!

  3. Those pics are great! Isn't it amazing how our little adapt to technology?!