Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This smile is getting ready to change. Those top teeth are finally getting wiggly. I will miss this smile but am excited for the toothless one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Light Up My Life

As a tiny girl I fell in love with Debbie Boon's You Light Up My Life, most of america did also. Ten weeks at the number one spot.. The majority of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins have all be subjected to me belting it out. I am sure all their lives are richer because of it.  I walked down the aisle to it and I will still stop and sing at the top of my lungs if it pops up on my shuffle. All of that to say as I was going over these pictures it was playing in my head.
I love these kids. They drive me crazy, frustrate me, challange me, streach me and always forgiving me when I am not the mom they deserve. This is my dream job, even on our worst day I am more at peace with our crazyness then I could ever be without them. As a young lady I was told chances of having babies was very slim. HA! So happy God had other plans.

You are my favorite gifts and you totally light up my life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rock Star Legacy

Last Saturday my mom ran another half marathon. Granny did great, took third place in her age group and once again set a fantastic example for my kids and me. So that seed of "maybe I will do a half" grew a little more as I very proudly cheered her over the line.  On this day both girls did their first race. A one mile fun run, both did great. Ella was actually so fast I was not even at the finish line when she crossed (still having a hard time with that) Marcelina made me so proud, she pushed herself, she didn't give up and she had fun! Now she wants to try a 5k, I am thinking turkey trot this year.  Max, papa and myself had the hardest job of course, Support Crew. Papa says it is always hardest on us, it takes a lot of work. ;o) All in all in was a great day and I am so blessed to have a mom who sets such a good example for physical health. Goals you set are Goals you get!

The days runners

Love the smile on Ella's face.

So I am just standing talking with Greg thinking I have another couple minutes before anyone crosses the line. She walks up "hi mom I'm done" I could have cried.

I really did cry here.

The girls ran Grandma in. Yup cried here also.

Go granny go granny go granny go!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Let me start this post by saying I have very mixed emotions abut the first day of school.  It is a double edged sword. I am so excited to see them grow and learn and shine. Make new friends, reunite with old ones. Seeing all the faces they love at school and hearing all about the days adventures. On the flip side, selfish side really, I miss them. I miss being apart of the adventures, I miss kissing them at any given moment and it tugs at my heart as each year passes a little quicker than I would like it to. 
Dan and I have a job, we give them wings, that part is fun even during the challenging times and then we have to let them fly. That part is so beautiful and so hard.
So today they are soaring into forth and second grade, Ella is over the moon excited and Marcelina is a little nervous, this is par for the course.

Have an amazing year my outstanding girls!