Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer?

Do these really exists? I am sure they must somewhere but for now we are living it up. We have about ten minutes of lazy first thing in the morning when all three little people pile in and fight over the best spot in my bed.  After a few minutes it turns into something that looks like armature wrestling match as Max is not so fond of anyone getting any mama love but himself and he starts sitting on his sisters heads.
Once we get past that are days are full of all kinds of fun summer stuff.
My boy officially loves trains, even does a little choo choo as he is playing. Let the Thomas collecting begin.

My ladies, how I love these little beasts.

How am I suppose to pick just one?

I wonder if I will ever stop being amazed by those lashes?
Ella is a bonafide fish. Deep end and all.

Story time on a day that was to hot to even think of being outside.
You singing to me?

Hope your summer is filled with all the stuff that makes you smile.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have been spending my summer trying to be more in the moment with my kids, not just capturing the moment. Actual days have gone by where I have not even looked at my camera and I don't even get withdrawal. Don't get me wrong I love my camera, love learning, practicing, trying to be better at telling a  story without words but nothing beats actually being in the moment. Having a yogurt fight with my daughter, swinging, swimming, walking for an ice cream, talking, reading, tickling, all moments I am just soaking up right now.  With all that said there are still times a moment has nothing to do with me, when I spot them just being together in a way only siblings can. I really like these people.

ps..he very quickly decided I needed to be colored so this moment in fact did become one I was needed in.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was woken up yesterday morning by a little girl who very proudly told me  "see mom I turned seven, you can not stop me from growing" This is pretty much par for how Miss Daniella Joy rolls, sassy and fun but if you look more closely you will find a very big heart. She does not wear it out on her sleeve like her big sister but it is there just as big and ready to give.  My girl shares her birthday with her great grandma Mary who would have been 101 yesterday so we blew birthday kisses to heaven.  I remember being very afraid when I was getting ready to have Ella, I was sure I could not possibly love her the way I loved Marcelina, thankfully my mom assured me that I would in fact love her very much and wow was she right. The moment I saw that very tiny little face my heart grew and the Ella room was built.

7 pounds and 18 inches of pure love

You had an amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere at anytime.

Traditional birthday donut

Baseball game!

Love you so much my big girl.